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Yorkshire, county of many milestones, not to mention waymarkers and boundary stones. In these gallery pages, you will find illustrations of many different types.
Of milestones there are two main divisions. Firstly, those put up before the 1890s, often of stone with details carved in them, erected as a legal obligation by the turnpike trusts who controlled the roads. Then, the new county councils erected cast-iron replacements that still stretch along the main roads and many side roads. Many counties did this, including both the North and West Ridings.
Enough milestones survive along our roads for us to enjoy, though in many districts they are rusty and overgrown. Many of the pictures here are of those milestones that have been cared for, though you will find some that could be transformed with some simple actions.
There are also pictures of other waymarkers – guide-stoops, boundary stones, etc.
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